“Burning Hands” is a work in progress menswear collection. This project is a dip into the Tim Burton’s cinematography. I feel really close to his aesthetic, which is dark, demential, and nightmarish, but also rich in a strange innocence and element coming from a childhood amazement, too. 

The inspiration is coming directly from two movies in particular: Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice. 

I got inspired by the fact what Edward can’t touch the world because of his hands and Barbara Maitland in the scene of The Beetlejuice has two fingers on fire.

This is the starting point of the collection I’ m developing, reasoning on how sometimes it is possible to touch and so relate to the world around.

The burning fingers are a metaphor of his condition in which wearing a pair of gloves, a mask to change the way to relate to the physical and psychological moment we are living in, where “ it takes a fool to remain sane”, is still the only way to fit it. I am also attracted by the dichotomies of Edward Scissorhands: the artificial leather-clad man with scissors for hands Edward counterparts to a rather artificial bubblegummy pop suburban town. Even if generally feeling closer to Edward’s atmospheres and palettes, the pastel colors of the other side of the coin in the movie generate a conflicting power in me, ending up scaring but also attracting me. I interpret those colors as Edward’s romantic point of view of that world the seems to be too dangerous for him. Following this Odi et Amo, I decide to include pastel colors into my research as a contamination for the DNA of my characters.

©2020 by Alice Omizzolo