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Empty Shell is a knitwear menswear project developed during my second year of BA.

I took inspiration from the novel Norwegian Wood by Japanese author Hakuri Murakami. The collection, as the book, treats the delicate transition from adolescence to the adult life, see from a melancholy point of view. The main character is a boy who wanders through places with no destination, immersed in night atmospheres, in search of answers from his tormented thoughts. Another influence that I had, was from the Depeche Mode’s song, Waiting for the Night. This song praises the night and the darkness seen as the only refuge from the quiet despair that daily brings us.

The nature is one of the strongholds always present in my research in fact the color palette and the cuts are taken from three shells with a fluid shape and from a study about different kinds of bones, in particular thoracic cages. The common element of these bones and the shells is that all of them are skeletons, that host a body, a hearth, a soul. For this reason is born the title Empty Shells. 


Venice, September 2017

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